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Post by Silentman on Thu Nov 01, 2007 4:40 am

Welcome to the guild. I thank you whole heartedly for your interest and support. My basic concept behind this guild is to take new players and help them acheive their goals through team work. Although most guilds have minimum level requirements, this guild does not. I feel it's important to establish a bond between players as early as possible. Further, I find that I learn something new about the game everyday from my fellow players in all level ranges.

While in my guild I expect that you do the following:

#1: Aid and assist fellow gamers reguardless of their guild affiliation, whenever possible
#2: Never leave a fellow guild member behind
#3: Should a fellow guildie perish you will do whatever you can to assist them in the recovery of their corpse and possessions

Remember that while you fly our guild name beneath your title you represent our guild, and therefore, by extention, you represent me. I have many friends in the game, outside of our guild who aid and assist us at times, and any actions that bring shame upon yourself, me, or the guild as a whole, will not be tolerated. Do the right thing and you can never be wrong. As always, if you have any questions or needs, please contact me by sending a tell, ingame email, or through our webpage. Despite the fact that I am half a world away I will make every effort to reply and take care of you and your issue. You, the member, are the most important asset of Glimmer of Hope. And I am happy to assist you any way that I can.

Thank You and Good Hunting,

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